My baby name is Manjula 6 months old female baby diagnosed as large ASD, (hole in heart) she breaths fast, her nails become blue and my baby condition was critical all the doctor had taken up their hands from the treatment, But we came to know about DR DAWOOD AL-MASEEHA'S UNANI HERBAL treatments by our relatives where they had taken treatment previously we consulted him and started treatment in within 15 days her condition becomes normal her breathing problem becomes normal her blue colour nail also changed we have no words to thank DR DAWOOD AL-MASEEHA we took 6 months treatment now my baby is cured and well, She is 2 years old now.
Rajagopal (Kanchipuram Dist)Tamil Nadu, India.

I have difficulty in breathing and vomiting, my son took me to nearby hospital they diagnosed me as MRD Kidney failure as my urea creatinine, potassium level is high and suggested to go for a immediate dialysis. We feared because I lost my husband from the same kidney failure diseases, but my son's friend referred me to consult DR DAWOOD AL-MASEEHA. We consulted DR DAWOOD and taken treatment. After a few days of treatment I feel better in my health without any dialysis, previously my urea and creatinine level is 150 and 6 but they become normal after taking treatment from DR DAWOOD AL-MASEEHA'S UNANI HERBAL medicine, and now I refer all kidney failure patients to take unani treatment.
Yaseen Bi (Poonamallee) Chennai, India.

My son vijay 28/m suffered from severe back pain, leg pain and numbness in both legs he can't even able to stand and walk on his own, doctors diagnosed him as disc prop lapse and lumbar spondylosis they suggest us to go for surgery but we are not in position to go for that one day we saw DR DAWOOD AL-MASEEHA'S interview in TV and consulted him and started treatment. Now my son is all right going for a job is Sree Sweets, Chennai. We are very thankful to DR DAWOOD and his challenging treatments.
Muni amma (Chetpet) Tamil Nadu, India.

I am working in Saudi Arabia one day suddenly I got chest pain admitted in the hospital after angiogram they diagnosed as 80% block in the heart my company sends me back to India for treatment. One of my friend suggested me to go to DR DAWOOD AL-MASEEHA I consulted him with my angiogram and other reports He asked me to take 6 month treatment for my complaint, I started the treatment with in one month I feel better and I took balance medicine from DR DAWOOD AL-MASEEHA CLINIC and I return to Saudi Arabia still after three years of treatment I don't have any chest pain and my cholesterol level also become normal every time I check and even my blood pressure also become normal.
Shaul Hameed, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

I had premature ejaculation problem and sexual weakness for more than 3 years for which my wife is always angry with me and even she use to harass me as for her Iam worthless and finally she need divorce, I tried many treatments which is useless and waste of money. One day on searching in the internet I found DR DAWOOD AL-MASEEHA'S website atozherbalcure.com and consulted DR. DAWOOD online after taking treatment Iam well and happy and now my wife is fully satisfied with me and she cancelled the divorce plan. Thanks to Dr. Dawood.
Mr. Jhonson, Srilanka